Imperial BBQ | Otawa – 8 Giugno 2019



Sabato 8 Giugno 2019

🍔🌭 dalle ore 20:00 cena con hamburger, hot dog, costine, salamelle spiedini! 🌭🍔
🎸 live ore 21:30 🎸
tutto in cortile!

Circolo Arcipelago
Via Speciano, 4 • Cremona
ingresso con tessera Arci 2018-2019


This project is produced by Giovanni Canton and Stefano Mancuso, two musicians from Verona, Italy.
The album contains eight tracks inspired and influenced by several music cultures, such as equatorial, Indian and Oriental. These different styles come together through a deep sound research using electronic, acoustic and traditional instruments. The purpose of the album is to create a soundscape that leads the listener to specific geographic locations, deepening and exploring their most distinctive cultural elements. The tracks have no lyrics in order to highlight the authenticity of the sound and the compositions, which are the album’s unique characteristics.
Giovanni handles the sound synthesis and the beat making while Stefano takes care of the instrumental part. The main genres of the album are Indietronica, Folktronica, IDM and World music. Each track is entirely self-produced: composition, recording, mixing and mastering are all the product of Giovanni and Stefano’s work. The realisation of this project has taken much time and effort and the end result has turned out to be an exceptionally dynamic piece, which could lay the foundations for a potential future in music.

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